The Stallion who Mounted

“At last, we have prepared the ritual!” shouted Gaylord, clothed in rainbow robes. The sound of thunder and lighting boomed in the distance, Gaylord stoked his hard cock, and looked about the room. They were in the tower of P-Town, away from the prying eyes of the Straight Police. The winds howled in the night, as the Heavens unleashed torrents of rain upon the land. The room was dimly lit by torches, mounted on the damp walls of cut stone. In the middle of the room, was a stone altar. On the altar, lay the corpse of Mark Gaylin. The men in their rainbow robes grasped each other’s erections, stroking in tune to their chants of satanic magic. Gaylord spoke, “Fellow boy lovers! Who is to blame for the death of our friends, of the death of General Penisass? Who is to blame, for the Straight Police, who take the “unreformed”, to shoot them in the back the back of the neck? Who is to blame, for our ills? I will tell! It is Hoan!” The robed men moaned in approval, gyrating their bodies in lust and anger. “We shall destroy Hoan and his followers! We must bring forth Mark Gaylin!” They then closed in on the body. They rubbed their hard penises on Mark Gaylin’s body. They covered him in their pre-cum. Gay lord then propped Mark’s body, exposing his anus. All the boys took their turn, sodomizing Gaylin’s anus, and filling him with their cum. Gaylord went last. “Aehhhhh…” he moaned, as his cock was covered with the seed of his fellow boy lovers. Gaylord thrust in, and shot his semen deep into the rotting bowels of Mark Gaylin. “Gaylord pulled out, and floods of semen poured out of the boy’s anus. “He is ready…” Gaylord said. He retrieved, the satanic dildo. Gaylord pounded Mark with it, the semen serving as lubricant. Then, a terrible cry of terror and evil filled the room, as Mark began to look whole again. Even as an undead, Mark once again appeared to be living. He stood up, “Thank you satan, and the homosexual community, for bringing me back to do evil!” All the robed men cheered, and Mark Gaylin continued. “We shall use this tower as our base, and rid P-Town of Hoan’s lackeys! That will get to come here, and we’ll destroy him!”

Hoan and Kajc crossed the border, into the great state of Kentucky. Hoan was at the wheel, driving the black Mercedes north. “The Bluegrass is a wonderful place, I’m sure you’ll like it to.” said Hoan. Kajc responded “Okay.” They soon arrived in Lexington, Kentucky. The Bluegrass in the Horse Capital of the World. One is surrounded by prestigious Thoroughbred farms as they cruise along the rural roads outside of the city. Hoan didn’t live in Lexington itself, however. He owned a large farm in Versailles. Versailles was west of Lexington, and was home to farms such as Winstar, Three Chimneys, Lane’s End, and Coolmore America, which is also known as Ashford Stud. Hoan and Kajc drove up to Vegars Stud. They drove along the black board fencing, beyond which one could see lush pastures of bluegrass, on which Hoan’s mares grazed. “I don’t have any stallions yet, but that won’t be for long. I have some colts racing currently, so I will likely retire the best ones here for stud duty. In the mean time, I will have my mares covered by stallions at other farms.” said Hoan. They drove up to Hoan’s large columned mansion, and got outfitted. Hoan decided to put on the ritz, as they would be going to a race at Keeneland later, and sitting in the fanciest area. It may not have been the Royal Ascot, but Hoan decided to dress like it anyway. He wore his black Victorian top hat, a white shirt, a vest, a black cutaway coat, a blakc puff tie, black stripped trousers, black shoes with white spats, a gold pocket watch, and a cane with a silver head. Hoan knew he had to be armed. He grabbed his Colt 1911. It was of the 1991 series, blued and chambered in .45 ACP. The grips were wooden, and very similar to the standard grip with their diamonds. The difference was, it had a Colt medallion in it. Hoan carried the pistol concealed. Kajc was wearing a black jacket, with a confederate flag on the back of it. He also wore a brown cowboy hat, blue jeans, and cowboy boots. Kajc held a M19128A1 Thomas submachine gun. It had a ribbed barrel, muzzle compensator, vertical fore grip, and a drum magazine. They got into Hoan’s “Ruby Red” 2016 Ford F450 King Ranch Super Duty truck. They admired the “Make America Great Again” bumper sticker, before getting it. They then attached a horse trailer to it, and led in Hoan’s best mare, a beautiful bay colored broodmare. they drove to Coolmore, the home of American Pharoah. Hoan loved American Pharoah. He is such a good boy. Hoan led the mare in, and soon the workers prepared her for the breeding. American Pharoah was led out of his stall. He soon approached the mare, as it was time for breeding. Hoan’s mare was clearly in estrus, showing a winking of the clitoris, and exhibiting a tease score of five. She was urinating profusely, striking a breeding stance, and presenting her hind quarters. American Pharoah greeted the mare vocally, and sniffed and nuzzled her. Smelling the urine of a mare in esturs, American Pharoah quickly exhibited the Flehmen response, and dropped his penis, obtaining an erection. This was done all within about three minutes.The mare was suitable coaxed, and spread her legs. She then flexed her pelvis, and struck a breeding stance. American Pharoah remained by her side, until he was fully erect, and ready to cover. American Pharoah then raised himself up slightly to the side of the mare, and quickly positioned himself behind her buttocks for intromission, and ejaculation. American Pharoah mounted the mare, and thrust within her. The period from intromission, to ejaculation, lasted about twenty seconds. The ejaculatory pattern consisted of about five or six intravaginal thrusts, followed by three to five shorter thrusts accompanied by ejaculation. During ejaculation, the stallion’s tail pumped up and down. This is known as flagging. American Pharoah filled Hoan Vegars’ mare with his semen, successful impregnating her. He then dismounted, was cleaned, and taken back to his stall, after Hoan petted him. Hoan then led his mare back into the trailer, and he and Kajc drove back to Vegars Stud.

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