The General

The zombies had been taken under control by now. The zombie attack started in the good Southern state of Georgia. The government failed at trying to contain it because they were stupid. Luckily the good people of the South prevented the zombies from spreading beyond Georgia. Soon the zombies were driven to a relatively small area in Georgia. In this area was The Prison controlled by Rick and the crew, and also Woodbury. This area had been walled off, and the wall was always patrolled by armed men. This was to insure no zombies would re- infect areas outside the wall. A man called “The General” led the southern forces against the walkers. His real name was Hoan Vegars. The General led a moral Christian Confederate biker gang. Most of the men in the gang rode black Harley motorcycles with lots of chrome, but The General rode a Harley painted like the Confederate flag and also had chrome. There base of operations was an old Georgia cotton plantation house. One day, The General and the gang went into the wall to fight the zombies. The General had previously ordered a Robert E. Lee “back porch” uniform he had ordered from He had ordered the coat, vest, and pants. The General of course had a black bow tie with it as well. He was wearing all this as he rode with the gang into the wall through the single gate. The General also wore black leather military boots, much like Lee’s, with his pants tucked into them. The General had an M1 Garand slung across with back with a brown leather sling. This rifle was chambered in .30-06. The General also had a LeMatt Revolver in a black leather holster on his right hip. The General was right handed. By his left hip, attached to a sword belt, was a blues steel with brass scabbard. In it was the Windlass Steelcrafts “Confederate Cavalry Officer Saber”. The General heard gun shots. They were made by Daryl and Merle Dixon. They were returning from Merle’s attack on The Governor and his men. Contrary to popular belief, Merle survived. The Governor had indeed shot Merle in the chest, but when The Governor and his men left, Merle bandaged himself. Luckily for him the bullet had missed anything important. Then Daryl showed up. Merle was on the ground, eating a water melon, so there was red stuff on his face. Merle was making a black joke. Daryl thought it was so funny, that he started crying. Then Daryl wanted to cut up the water melon as he was hungry, so he started violently stabbing it beforehand for fun. Since the water melon was right next to Merle’s head, to an onlooker, it would appear as if Daryl was stabbing Merle’s head. I can assure you that this was not the case at all. They then cut up the water melon, ate it, and started to walk back to the prison. The General and the gang found the Dixon brothers in the street fighting off a large horde of walkers. The General started shooting walkers with his M1 Garand. There were hundreds of zombies. The General then ran out of ammo, and slung it back accros his back. The General drew his LeMatt and started shooting more walkers. He ran out of ammo for his revolver, and was cornered by a walker, so he blew the zombie’s brains out with the LeMatt shotgun barrel. The General then used his sword to help kill the rest of the walkers in the horde. The Dixons then thanked the bikers, and The General said it was no problem. Merle then headed to Bass Pro to buy some guns. Daryl said he was going to go back to the prison, and The General said he would go with him. The rest of the gang went back to the HQ. Daryl and The General arrived at the prison. The General was on his motorcycle while Daryl was on a dirt bike they found. The General was introduced to everybody, besides Rick as they didn’t need introducing. Then everybody went to sleep. They found a nice cot for The General to sleep in. Carl woke Beth up in the night. “I’m so horny, thinking about you” said Carl. “Let’s fuck then” said Beth. They both got naked, and Beth started to ride Carl’s erect sexy penis. Carl was thrusting his cock into Beth’s sexy vagina. They were moaning. The General woke up in the night. He went to get a drink of water. As he was walking back from getting a drink, he heard moaning coming from Beth’s cell. He peeked in. He saw Beth riding Carl’s hard member. Carl then moaned, “I’m cumming” as he sent his seed deep into Beth’s pussy. Beth had an orgasm as well. She moaned “yes aw yu sexy penus boy”. The General soon had a plan. He took out his cell phone and called his priest friend. The priest said he would arrive in the morning. In the morning The General told Carl and Beth that he saw what they were doing. He told them he would have them get married. Then the priest married them and everyone was happy. Carl and Beth were happy because they didn’t have to sneak around in order to engage in sexual activities any more. The General was happy because they would not being having un married sex. The priest left. Then The General said goodbye, and drove his motorcycle back to the plantation.

The End.

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