The Break In

I was out late last night, as usual, looking for open windows or back doors. People in this town are too trusting, as I’ve walked away with about $6,500 worth of goods in the few weeks I’ve been here. Last night was a bust on my side job, but paid very well in other dividends. It was the 8th house I tried last night, and the only one with an open window. It was about 2am, so I figured everyone would be asleep, and I was correct. I was sneaking around and went into what I thought was a den, but it was apparently a ladies bedroom.

I should have quietly shut the door and snuck back out, but she shifted and her blankets fell off of her. She was wearing a baby doll nightie, and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I stood mesmerized watching her sleep for what seemed like an eternity. Until I slowly slid over, risking being caught, I slid my hand up her leg lightly. Thankfully, the only response I got was to draw some goosebumps from her skin, which was sexy in its own way. Continuing my trek up her body with my hands, I slowly slid her top down over her breasts, exposing them to the cool night air, instantly causing her pierced eraser nub nipples to pop erect.

I traced my fingers around first one, and then the other, gently pinching them, watching her to make sure she didn’t wake up. Lucky again so far. With the luck I’ve been having, I decide to be a little riskier, bending down and sucking one nipple into my mouth, I gently sucked on it. She let out a light moan, which sent me rushing quietly to the door. I stepped out of the room, and watched from behind the wall, ready to bolt at a moment’s notices. Lady luck has blessed me though, because she stayed asleep.

Taking the moment while I was out, I snuck back to the kitchen, finding a roll of duct tape, I snuck back to her room. Outside her door, I pulled long strips, as quietly as I could, and placed them at the foot of her bed. First I took one foot, and taped it to one post of her bed, and then the other foot. Then I took her hands, taped them together and taped them to the ornamental piece on her headboard. Finally, I took a piece that was long enough, wrapping it around her mouth twice.

This is the point where she woke up. She started squirming, trying to break free. She managed to pull one foot lose from the tape, and started kicking out at me. I quickly grabbed her leg again, avoiding getting kicked, and managed to re-tape it to the bed. Standing back, I admire my handy work. There was fear in her eyes, but behind it, a knowledge she would enjoy whatever happened. Still squirming and trying to get free, she tried to pull back away from my hand as I reached it towards her, with no luck.

Reaching forward, I grabbed her by the back of the neck and leaned in and I whispered, “just relax, this will be over when I want it to be” and then I kissed her on the forehead. Her eyes widened, and a hint of lust flowed into them. I grabbed hold of her baby doll and ripped it open, exposing her near completely, only the thin lace of her panties kept me from seeing all of her. My hands went to her breasts as I pulled harder on them, before leaning down to suck one into my mouth. As I sucked hard on first the left, and then the right, I heard what I thought to be muffled moan. A quick inspection south showed her panties to be getting a little damp.

I ran a hand down her belly to wet panties and begin rubbing. She tried pulling away, but eventually started pushing her pussy into my hand, encouraging me to do more to her. I slid her wet panties to the side and then pressed two fingers inside of her. Her wet pussy lips sucked them in with an eagerness I didn’t expect, as moans poured out from around her taped face. My fingers were barely in her when her pussy clamped down, and she began to fuck them vigorously. When she calmed down, I removed my fingers, inhaling her intoxicating scent and sucked them clean of her sweet nectar.

I laid down between her legs, burying my face into her folds. I lapped, and sucked and nipped at her clit, I tasted all of her pussy, as I cleaned her cum from her, her moans got louder with each flick of my tongue across her clit. It was a good thing I gagged her, or she might have woken up the neighborhood. All of a sudden, her body went rigid and my face was blasted her cum. My beard was glistening from the fresh juices from her pussy. Her breathing was now ragged as she struggled to take in air, and her face was a lovely crimson color.

Well you know me, making this chick cum on my face I was hard as a rock now. The tip of my dick was dripping with pre-cum. As I stood up, she started shaking her had no, like it was going to do a bit of difference. All you had to do was look at her soaked bed sheets to know she wanted more. I grabbed her pillow, and pulled her ass up to slide it under. She started thrashing again, but we both knew she wasn’t getting away.

After I got her positioned, I slide 3 fingers back inside her, coating them with her juices which I then rubbed all over my cock. I positioned it between her lips, and thrust the whole 7 inches into her in one motion. Her eyes got wide and I heard a sharp inhalation as I buried myself deep inside her. Well she’s definitely been doing her Kegels as she was very tight and I could feel her pressing her insides against my cock.

I knew I wasn’t going to last long nor did I care at that point. Her pussy felt so good milking my cock, I didn’t even pull out. I just blasted a huge load inside of her. I got up, wiped my dick off on her sheets and left.

“Oh shit boys, look at the time,” I say as I down my beer. “I’ve had someone tied up all day, and I’m sure they are just dying for me to come by. I think tonight she’s gonna let me try her ass.”

The End?

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