Star Wars Sex

Rey had just turned 18. She was in her bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. She had short brown hair and blue eyes.

Finn walked into the hut. Finn is black around 5′ 11” and muscular. He sees Rey looking at herself in the mirror.

“Rey, you are so beautiful, are you sure that you don’t have a boyfriend?” asks Finn

“No silly, I told u that before” says Rey “Can you zip up my dress for me?” as Rey turns around while holding up a light brown dress with one hand.

Finn moves in closer and takes the zipper in his hand while starting to zip up the dress. He smells Rey’s hair and back of her neck. As he does so he closes his eyes and can not help himself so he kisses the back of her neck.

Rey spins around “Finn what are you doing?” asks Rey.

“I can not help myself!” I have wanted you since the first time that I set eyes on you.” states Finn

Finn then grabs Rey’s right breast and squeezes it firmly.

“Finn I am not sure this is the right thing to do..” stammers Rey.

Finn does not listen and then plants a kiss on on Rey’s rose colored young lips and then kisses her cheeks.

Rey starts to respond by kissing Finn back.

Finn then says “just relax, you will like this, I will be gentle.” Finn then unzips the rest of Rey’s dress and pulls it down to her ankles. Her perk 18 year old boobs are reviled. He licks one of her tits while caressing the other breast.

Fin then lifts Rey up and carries her to the bed. He then remove her panties reviling her pink 18 year old pussy. He begins to lick the pussy.

“Finn, that feels so good.” moans Rey “don’t stop”

Fin then sticks his finger into her dripping wet tight pussy, pulls it out then again sticks it back in. He repeats this process several times.

“Ohhh Finn….!” moans Rey slowly starting to orgasm. Finn does not want to take her virginity the 1st time and stops.

He then tells Rey “my turn and pulls out his 8 inch black cock” I want you to suck it”

Rey begins to suck the big black cock of Finn as it expands into her mouth.
Just then, the droid BB-8 rolls into the room. Thinking his mistress is in trouble he extends his metallic hand and shocks Finn in the buttocks.

Fin screams “Stop it BB-8, we were just having some fun!” Finn pulls up his pants while Rey turns around and hurrying puts back on her clothes.

Finn and Rey then walk outside of small hut into the village of Kannas which is on the planet MoDune. It’s twilight right now. In the sky can be seen 3 large moons each a different color. One is blue, one is orange, and the last is white. The sky is violet, and on the street can be seen the villagers of Kanas. They are a young tribe none older than 22 years old. They have blue skin and long yellow hair.

Finn and Rey landed their ship here to make emergency repairs after an encounter with a couple of tie fighters. The villagers were very hospitable and offered them a hut to stay plus food that mostly consisted of fruits and vegetables.

As Finn and Rey walk outside, BB-8 circles around their legs and then beeps out “Cewbacca has contracted me and needs my help in making repairs.”

“Ok,” Rey says, “You go along and we will be back later after we explore the village more.”

As Rey and Finn walk past a villager with a cart selling bananas, apples, and grapes. Finn asks the villager “Are you all vegans or do you also eat or sell meat?”

The villager a young teen girl with green eyes replies “This world has no animals on it when we settled it 30 years ago. We are able to farm and the grow only fruits and vegetables. However our race the Izzana are not able to survive long without protein which is why you see no older people living in the village. We basically die off by age 30. Also, most of our technology has decayed so we have not been able to build space ships to trade with the other races in this solar system.”

Finn says “we may be able to contact some of the other races to come down and trade with you once our ship is repaired.”

The girl replies “please don’t do that. Many of the other races here are very warlike and pirates have come down before to raid our village and take slaves back to their worlds. I am just finishing up, would you like me to take you to the center of our village where we are going to hold the lunar festival that occurs every 4 months when the 3 moons come are visible in the sky at the same time?”

Rey looks at Finn who nods, and then replies “yes we would like that very much.” as Finn takes Rey hand in his and they walk down the middle of the village road following the young teen.

“By the way” asks Rey to the girl “what is your name?”

The teen replies “My name is Veronica, I have just turned 18 last month so I am now allowed to attend the lunar festival.”

Rey and Finn then both introduce themselves as they walk on and come to a large square where villagers are dancing and singing.

As they enter the square, Veronica takes Finn’s hand and pulls him onto the dance section of the square while a 19 year old male comes out to Rey and brings her out to dance with him.

After an hour of dancing, the music dies down and the village leader comes out and says

“Welcome all to the lunar festival. As is our tradition since we colonized this world, we must make a sacrifice to allow us to continue to live here and not die out.”

Suddenly, Veronica and some other villagers grab Finn and tied his hands behind his back then gag his mouth, while the teen that was dancing with Rey does the same to her.

The village leader continues “As you know there are no animals on the planet so every 4 months we must eat one of our own, a pirate, or someone else that has visited our world.” The leader then nods to Veronica who says to Rey, “I am sorry about this but we have no choice if we wish to survive”

Rey tries to scream for help but the gag prevents her from talking. The teen with help from the other women remove Rey’s clothes and place them on a table next to her. They then lift Rey up and place her on the same table.

Veronica then dips her hand into some honey sauce and starts to rub all over Rey’s body including her firm breasts. Veronica starts to feel turned on looking at Rey lying naked on the table and starts to lick the honey off of her breasts. Some of the male teens watch and become excited by the show.

Veronica then moves her tongue down Rey’s stomach past her belly button and then starts to lick her vagina. The male teen holding Rey’s arms down, can not take any more of this and flips Rey over. He then pulls down his pants and inserts his dick into her vagina from behind. As he trusts himself into Rey, Veronica starts to masturbate herself.

Before the male teen can come, the leader yells “pull him off of her, he will ruin the feast.” 2 other male villagers grab the teen and yank him off of Rey.

“ Take her to the pot!” The leader points to a very large pot that sits over coals and wood. Veronica and some other teens drag Rey over to the pot and place her into the water. They then light the fire under the pot as Veronica says “Rey your vagina tasted so sweet, I can’t wait to eat you.”

Rey thinks to herself this can’t be happening as the water gets warmer. I have a destiny to fulfill, but looking into Veronica’s hungry eye’s wonders how she will taste. As Rey starts to cook, a different male villager with a few pimples on his 19 year old face pulls down Veronica’s shorts and then rubs some of the honey oil into her ass since he does not want make her pregnant.

He then shoves his dick slowly into Veronica’s ass then pulls it slowly out before repeating the process faster as Veronica moans with pleasure.

Rey is starting to feel faint from the heat of the watch but also turned on as she watches the teens fuck. The leader of the village a muscular 30 year old man sees Rey being turned on and says

“There is no reason you can not have some pleasure now too,” and reaches into the water to stick his finger into Rey’s tight twat. As he touches her vagina lips he reaches in with his other hand to squeeze her firm boobs. While doing this a 20 year old teen girl comes by and pulls the leader pants down and starts to give him oral pleasure. A small time later both the teens, Rey, and the leader all climax at around the same time.

Just then a sonic boom is heard in the sky, and the villagers look up in shock to see the Millennium Falcon fly over the village lasers shooting up the village square. The villagers run away in terror as Finn frees himself and then pulls Rey out of the water to safety.

The End?

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