My name is David Lofton and, ever since I was a boy, I knew that there was something different about me. Nothing major, mind you, just a minor feeling. I had never been particularly good looking, but was by no means ugly, instead I had the kind of face that people would forget in seconds. Needless to say that this had made getting a girlfriend kind of difficult, but I had managed it by settling for girls I found only somewhat attractive. This had frustrated me to no end, and I always felt as if I had been destined for something more. But I wasn’t crazy, I knew that this was the body that I would be stuck with for life. Or at least that is what I thought.
My birthday fell on a Wednesday, a school night, and my aunt (who I lived with) had made sure that I would be spending it in bed. To be honest, I didn’t really mind all that much, I wasn’t much into the whole club idea anyways. So, on my eighteenth birthday, I laid down on my bed and drifted slowly off to sleep.
Suddenly I woke up, I had no idea what had woken me, I was just awake. In fact, I was so tired that it took me a minute to even realize that I was no longer in my bedroom, in fact I didn’t appear to be in any room at all. All around me was an undefined blackness, with no walls, or floors, or any sort of identifying features whatsoever. Therefore, I was very confused when I heard a voice, coming from nowhere and everywhere at the same time.
“Hello David”, said the strangely familiar voice. I tried to respond, only to realize that I was incapable of making any noise whatsoever.
“Don’t worry”, said the voice “This is all just a manifestation of your subconscious, you don’t need to speak. We don’t have much time, so I’ll try and be as brief as possible, I am your father. Or rather I am all of your male relatives, we are embedded into your DNA. Before you ask, no, we are not human, at least not entirely. We are a kind of advanced race, you and I. Thousands of years ago, the human race was discovered by a race of super intelligent aliens. They saw the potential locked within us, and despaired that it would take billions of years for us to evolve naturally to the point where we could communicate with them, so they created Us. We are a genetically modified breed of human, always slightly more evolved than the rest of humanity, sent by the Aliens to speed the process of evolution. This is your purpose, to breed with as many females as possible, and by doing so introduce the next generation of human. One of your children will carry within me the alien DNA, and on his eighteenth birthday, I will awaken just as you have today. Oh, and one last thing, to facilitate your task, we will provide you with certain alterations, I think you will enjoy discovering them. Goodbye son.”
I awoke with a pounding headache, in fact I ached all over. Even my eyes hurt when I tried to open them, so I closed them again and tried to stay as still as possible to avoid aggravating me headache. This; however, was proven to be a waste of time, as my aunt suddenly started pounding on the door to get me up for school.
“Oh go fucking kill yourself”, I thought to myself, and the knocking stopped as if by magic. I was to tired to comment on this stroke of luck however, and I quickly fell back asleep.
When I awoke, I had no idea how long it had been. No sunlight was coming in the windows, and I was so hungry that I was worried I was going to pass out. I swung my legs out of bed, and stopped suddenly. My legs, which had been fairly skinny before, were now perfect. Muscled, pale and hairless, they bore little resemblance to the ones I had gone to sleep with. I looked across the room and into my mirror and almost passed out, there was an entirely different person staring back at me! I stood up and ran across the room to stand in front of the mirror, and stared at my reflection. I had grown overnight from 5’10 to 6’2, and had packed on about 50 pounds of muscle. I was also pale as a ghost, and my body was entirely hairless except for my head, and that had all changed to the darkest black. Even my facial features had changed, whereas before I had been relatively plain, I now had the chiseled facial features that actors and models could only dream of. I then realized that even my dick, which had been a respectable seven inches before, had grown. It was now nearly twelve inches long, and nearly five inches around!
I quickly threw on some clothes and ran into the bathroom, where, to my astonishment, I saw my aunt sitting in a bathtub of blood, her wrists gouged all the way up to the elbows. It was then, that the realization of my powers hit me, as if they had been locked away in a corner of my mind, and were only now coming to light for the first time. I somehow knew that people would do anything that I commanded of them, and I realized that I had unintentionally killed my aunt. This realization did not trouble me too much, as I had never liked my aunt, but the next one piqued my interest. I now knew that any woman, upon seeing me, would be overcome by lust, not enough to tear off her clothes in the middle of the street, but enough to make me entirely irresistible without any conscious effort on my part. I suddenly realized that these were enhancements meant to make me able to fuck any and every woman I wanted, to spread my genetics throughout the world. Fortunately, I had a good idea of where to start.
The apartment next to my aunt’s was home to the hottest girl in the school, Stacy Palmer, and since it was almost eleven o clock, I was fairly sure that she would be home. Without a second thought I walked out into the hallway and knocked on the door of the apartment. Stacy’s dad, a hulking beast of a man, opened the door and demanded, “What the hell do you want kid? It’s fucking eleven o clock!”. I suddenly realized that I had no idea what to say, when I suddenly had an idea.
“Tell Stacy that someone is here to see her, and then go back to bed”, I thought to myself. Instantly, a blank look came over his face, and he turned around and walked away. For a second I thought no one was coming back, that nothing had happened, and then Stacy walked around the corner. She was just wearing a pair of boxers and a tight tank top, but she still looked gorgeous. Her blonde hair flowed down to just above her tight ass, and her tanned legs seemed to never, end. But her best feature was undoubtedly her tits, she was only 5’6, but she had at least a C cup, maybe a small D, and they were perfect. Perky and perfectly round, they were every boy at school’s wet dream.
I just went for it, not caring about what would happen if something went wrong. I took two strides down the hallway and kissed her, roughly pulling her against me. To my delight, she responded in kind, her tongue hungrily pushing its way into my mouth. I kicked the door closed with my foot, as Stacy ground her hips into my cock. After what seemed like hours, but must really only have been minutes, she drew back, and dropped to her knees. Before I even really knew what was going on, she had my cock out and was hungrily sucking on my balls. It had to have been the greatest feeling I had ever experienced in my life, the sensation of her tongue swirling around my balls was beyond what I had thought possible. However, even this was nothing compared to the feeling that I got when she stopped sucking on them, and proceeded to try and force my enormous cock down her throat. The sight of her bright green eyes staring up at me while she gagged on my cock, unable to take more than the first eight inches, was so amazing that I almost came right there. Knowing that I couldn’t last much longer, I grabbed a handful of Stacy’s hair and forced her further onto my dick. Shockingly, she didn’t protest at all, she just braced herself against my legs and kept on trying to take more and more of me into her throat.
After nearly ten minutes of fucking her face, I knew that I was about to explode, I could feel my balls tightening, and my cock trembling. With one final push, I shoved Stacy as far down on my cock as she could go, and exploded down her throat. Blast after blast of cum shot down her throat, so much that I though it would never end. I quickly pulled out, came all over her face, shooting ropes of cum into her hair and eyes. By the time I had finally spent myself, she was absolutely covered with my warm cum, and she proceeded to lick it off of all the areas that she could reach. I noticed, to my surprise, that my cock was already back at attention! Remembering what my father had told me, I realized that this must be another of the modifications that had been made to my body.
Taking advantage of this, I grabbed Stacy by the hair, and threw her roughly onto the couch in the middle of the living room. I then strode ripped down her boxers and quickly positioned my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I hesitated for a split second, frozen by the beauty of her hairless pussy, but then, when I noticed the lustful hunger in her eyes, my hesitation disappeared. I shoved my dick into her, bottoming out after only nine inches, rejoicing in the feeling of her tight pussy gripping my cock like a velvet covered vice. Lost in the moment I pounded into her madly, ignoring her cries of agony and ecstasy, as my cock smashed against the end of her pussy time and time again. In fact, it felt so good that I hardly realized that I was about to cum, until I did. If I had cum alot the first time, the second time was monumental, I shot so much cum into her that it filled her entirely, and started leaking out onto the couch. Without skipping a beat Stacy flipped herself around, and started sucking my cock clean. I revelled in the sight of the hottest girl in school worshipping my cock as if it was a pagan god, bent over on all fours, her head bobbing up and down, eyes, staring up at me. However, as if by some mysterious sixth sense, I now knew that she was pregnant with my child, and suddenly I had no desire for her any more, knowing that I could come back for her any time that I wanted, preferably nine months from now.
With this realization, I smacked her across the face to get her off of my dick. She fell back with a shriek, but looked up at me with a look totally devoid of anger, instead it was filled with lust and disappointment, as if she was sad that she could no longer enjoy the feeling of my cock deep inside of her. I quickly put my pants back on, and strode over to the door, looking back briefly to see the girl of my fantasies fast asleep on the couch, my cum still in her hair and leaking out of her pussy. The sight of this put a grin on my face as I walked out into the hallway, and began the best chapter of my life.

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