My obscene organ of brute pleasure

Ever since I can remember I’ve had an unusually large clitoris. My clit is about 1 and a half inches long when not excited but when aroused it can be as large as 2 and a half inches in length. It can actually rub against my underwear when walking around. I used to be very insecure about it. When I get really turned on, my little pink rosebud gets really swollen and thrusts itself out past my clitoral hood, until the whole thing is sticking out nearly two inches from my body, just begging to be stroked. When I have an orgasm my clit actually comes out of its hood and twitches involuntarily.

It is great for masturbation, but was very embarrassing the first time I was with a man. My husband almost freaked out the first time he saw it when we petted while dating. He said that at first he thought I had a small penis and called it my ‘obscene organ of brute pleasure’ and said that most men would find my clit ‘obscene and gross’. As I was technically a virgin when we married with very little experience with men I accepted his opinion as fact.

Now that I am older and wiser, I realise that it was to hide his own insecurity about being poorly endowed. I remember on our honeymoon when I first caught a glimpse of his flaccid uncircumcised penis when he was changing out of his Speedo’s after swimming in cold water and being surprised that I couldn’t see it. Where I expected his penis and balls to be was a dark puckered shrunken piece of skin. I remember feeling a little cheated that he was so poorly endowed. As a nurse I specifically recalled looking after a well-endowed one year-old Sudanese infant who literally had a longer penis than my husband’s shrivelled cock. I then realised why he never let me see or play with his manhood before we married but always took the initiative and went down on me with his fingers and tongue and always with the lights dimmed or in the dark.

The first time I showed my ‘obscene organ of brute pleasure’ to somebody else was by accident, when my roommate Amy accidentally walked in on me masturbating. At the time, I shared a room with her in the nurses’ quarters.

She apologized and immediately left the room, and later when she apologized again, she added that she couldn’t help noticing that I had a really big clit. Did it feel any different, she wondered? Was it more sensitive, and could I have a better orgasm? I had to admit I didn’t know, because I had never had the opportunity to compare it to other girl’s clits, but it was extremely sensitive and regularly provided me with intense leg-shaking orgasms. My roommate’s curiosity was insatiable, and finally she asked me if she could see it again, just for a minute? Well, I was a bit hesitant, being as it was my first time, but when she offered to show me her clit, “just to be fair,” how could I resist?

I did make her go first, however, and watched as she pulled down her panties to reveal a neatly-trimmed bushy triangle, a tight little slit and a clit tightly shrouded within her clitoral hood. “Let me see if I can tease it out”, she said, and I watched in fascination as she licked her middle finger and then began to lightly rub it up and down on her clit. After a minute or so, it shyly emerged and I was treated to the sight of my first clit (other than my own). It was so small and delicate, and sort of came to a point at the end, instead of being a large rounded knob like my own. By now I was wet and my clit was poking hard against my underwear, straining to escape.

I laid down on my bed and Amy reached over and slid my panties down and off. Once I was naked from the waist down she spread my legs open wide and immediately saw my engorged organ sticking out between my pussy lips. She said, “Yes, you really do have quite a large clitoris.”

My two inch-clit was sticking straight up, red and swollen. I was very sexually naïve having been educated at an all girl Catholic school and initially was very nervous with mixed feelings about letting her touch me that way. Part of me wanted desperately for Amy to touch it now that it was exposed, but as it turned out, I didn’t need to. She reached over and put her fingers on it. Her first gentle tentative touch sent a wave of pleasure coursing through my body like an electric shock. “Oh yeah,” she said, “you’ve got a real sensitive sweetie” and I lay back and she continued to caress my clit in a gentle teasing fashion until I almost came right there but managed to restrain myself. I closed my eye and groaned. She noticed. “Does that feel good?”

“Oh yes,” I found myself saying, dropping my head back a little. “It’s so sensitive, please don’t stop.” Amy lay her head on my shoulder and began stroking my tingling clit. First she gently caressed it with her fingertips, while I twitched and shuddered with aching anticipation. Finally she stopped her teasing, and stroked it between her fingers. She began to run her tongue inside my ear, and I moaned loudly, I never had been so turned on. I turned her head and kissed her, sinking my tongue inside her mouth. Our tongues danced, and she massaged my clit. I broke away from her to moan. I was so close to orgasm I could taste it.

“God I’m gonna cum soon ohh!!!” I yelled. In response she took her hand off my organ, got down on the floor, sitting between my legs. She then leaned forward and took my stiff engorged organ of brute pleasure into her hot, wet mouth, and slowly began sucking it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” I moaned, clutching her head tightly to my crotch. “Harder!”

I began to involuntarily fuck her mouth, while she sucked harder and harder, and I finally I arched my back and screamed, “I’m cumming! Ohhhhhhhhh my Goohhhhd!!!!!!!!!!!” I nearly passed out with the intensity of my orgasm. I bucked wildly and flooded her face with my musky love juices, it was the best orgasm I had ever had up to that time. When I was finally done riding my climactic waves, I pulled her up and began to kiss her lovingly, tasting my love juices on her tongue.

Shortly after this episode, Amy transferred to another hospital. We never did it again and I will always remember my first experience of oral sex and my only sexual encounter with another woman on that balmy afternoon many years ago. Amy seemed very experienced and I think she must have been a lesbian as she had expertly titillated my ‘obscene organ of brute pleasure’ to unforgettable ecstasy.

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