Midlife Teen

Many things probably combined on that day; midlife crisis, a sex life that started later than the average for the time, and a consistent track record of lovers significantly older than me. I was in a rare mood of self-confidence and snark. So when the very young girl behind the counter of the nights chosen fast food chain greeted me, and I felt that spark of possibility, I took extra notice.
“Good evening sir, how may I help you,” she said politely.
“With anything you want,” I replied rather weakly. Ok, so self-confidence and snark didn’t necessarily grant me any addition charm. She smiled and laughed slightly regardless though, which only served to encourage me. I ordered some sort of combo and waited patiently for her to gather up the component parts.
As she puttered back and forth, I looked her over more… thoroughly. To most guys, she would be average… young, and with all the benefits of youth… but average. Her hair was a dirty, light brown color, which to most women would serve as a base for something grander obtained from the local salon. It was long, but pulled back in a severe pony tail that did nothing to help her somewhat round face. Her eyes were a very pale blue, almost grey color, and like her hair, did little to stand out. Her breasts were an A cup, barely… I suspected she was the athletic type as her arms and legs also had a toned look to them, but that, again, could simply be youth. Her waist was not particularly thin, her stomach had a slight, but noticeable plumpness, and her hips were also a bit too wide.
When she started to fill a brightly colored cardboard container with fries, she turned and I quickly forgot about her hips. Her ass was glorious, large, round, plump, and easily her best feature. As my gaze lingered, she turned and looked over her shoulder at me and got me red-handed as it were. But rather than an upturned nose or a dismissive toss of her head and hair, she smiled with all the snark I had just imagined I had. She finished bagging up my order and came back to the counter and ran my credit card.
“Thank you sir, please come and see us again soon,” she quipped with that same snarky smile.
“Well, I’ll definitely come back to see you again,” I quickly responded with wink.
I started patronizing that particular fast food chain weekly, and eventually twice a week. Our conversations were always brief, but playful and flirtatious. I worried she was too young, that I was old enough to know better, but I never stopped, and eventually I learned she was 18, almost 19. Each visit ratcheted up the tension between us, and the banter went from playful to aggressive, and that spark grew to a smoldering fire. Then, after three months and a week, she was gone. I asked the supervisor and learned she had quit as she was graduating soon and moving on to college. The pang of guilt hit me then… a high school student… maybe it was better she was gone before that tension was broken by something we might regret. I still visited the restaurant though, probably unconsciously hoping to see her again, or just revisiting my memories of her.
And just when I had given up a few weeks later and decided on one last visit, she appeared. The restaurant dining room was empty and she stood facing away from me near the counter. There were two guys arguing near the drink and condiment station while she talked with the supervisor about a final check. She was wearing an incredible dress… it was short like a mini-skirt on the bottom, bright blue, covered in sequins, and lacking any back whatsoever. The material draped at the bottom right at the top of that wonderful ass. Her hair was loose and tumbled in waves down her back. She was gorgeous and thanks to the naivety of youth, had no idea. However, the entire effect was ruined by the fact that she was wearing a bra.
I quietly snuck up behind her and whispered in her ear, “you look amazing, but I don’t think you’re supposed to wear a bra with that dress.”
She was surprised and jumped slightly, but recognized me immediately without turning and whispered back to me. “I know right? I told my mother the same thing, but she insisted I wear it since I insisted on wearing the dress. My boyfriend said I looked like a hooker. My mom isn’t around now though, and it latches in the back, why don’t you remove it for me.”
I couldn’t see her face completely, but I could sense that all too familiar snarky smile. She was challenging… pushing like no time had passed at all. I didn’t even hesitate in moving my hands to her back. Some of her hair was in the way, and would cover my actions if need be. She stiffened slightly at my initial touch but did not pull away. I quickly unlatched the strap and pulled the bra from around her chest and neatly folded it into one pocket.
“Much better,” I whispered. “You really are beautiful and your boyfriend is an idiot,” I said as I let one hand caress its way down her back. She shivered, but she took half a step back toward me. “Why don’t you tell your friends to wait outside,” I continued as my hand started to slip beneath the material at the top of her ass. She jumped even more at that touch, but again, did not pull away. I immediately discovered she was wearing a thong as I encountered more skin than panty material.
“Guys, this will probably take a while, why don’t you go next door and pick up everything on the grocery list so we can get back,” she said a little too loudly to the two young men. My hand sank completely beneath her dress and gently squeezed one delicious cheek as her friends left through the door. As soon as they were gone, she turned and kissed me. Young and eager, that’s all I remember of it. No patience, no build up, no variation, just hunger and passion. My hand was still resting on her ass while we kissed and I was only able to break away from her by squeezing again and making her jump.
“Come with me,” I said as I took her hand and drug her toward the restrooms. I chose the women’s and locked the door behind us. I pushed her against one of the walls and pressed my straining erection into her ass. My hands caressed her back again… exploring, teasing, and tickling. After several seconds, I let them drift slowly from her hips up and around toward her breasts. She tried to push back, to make my hands move faster, craving the contact I was torturing her with, but I firmly pushed her back toward the wall, and pulled her hips back toward me asserting my control. She actually growled in frustration when she felt my erection again.
“Good things come to those that wait,” I whispered to her playfully. I let my hands drift upward again, and she gasped when I finally, slowly ran them across her small breasts. I discovered she had large nipples, very hard, and very sensitive. I made my hands wander away, and then return suddenly. I loved touch, and previous girlfriends often told me my indulgence in foreplay was my second best feature. When after several minutes of exploration I finally let one hand drift downward, she nearly stumbled in her haste to spread her legs for me.
Her panties were already soaking wet, showing that my teasing had worked well. She gasped again and louder as I pushed my hand beneath the material and ran it across her pussy. And when I ran two fingers across her clit, I heard her hunger in the moan that escaped her. It only took a few minutes of work to set off her first shuddering orgasm. It was obvious she wanted more as the tremors faded when she half growled and half moaned and tried to turn. Again, I pushed her back, this time grabbing her hair, forcing her to arch her back and thrust back against me. She reached back and grabbed my cock through my pants.
“Big,” she said. “Bigger than my boyfriend.”
“That guy is sounding worse with each tidbit you tell me. Let’s get rid of these,” I said and I reached under the skirt of her dress to grasp the straps of her thong. I slid them slowly down her legs and let them hit the floor with an audible, wet, plop. She stepped out of them and I quickly put them in my other pocket. She put her hands on the wall as I stood back up and lifted the skirt of her dress up and over her ass. For a moment, I just stood and looked.
“It’s not polite to stare,” she said to me over her shoulder. “And I’m tired of being teased,” she said lower, again challenging.
I quickly unzipped my pants and lowered my underwear. I ran my cock over the crack of her ass once before I guided it toward her opening. I pressed in slowly into her but I was soon stopped. It took me a second to understand it.
“You… you’re a virgin,” I said in shock. “Are you sure…” I started to say.
“You aren’t going to let that stop you now, are you,” she asked. I looked up and she was looking back over her shoulder again. Her eyes were full of lust and her smile was so far beyond mischievous that it was threatening to be evil. My cock actually pulsed with desire at that look, and I firmly thrust past her barrier and buried myself completely within her. She grunted in pain and I felt her pussy contract almost painfully around me.
“That’s what *you* get for teasing *me*,” I said as I leaned over her and I twitched my cock within her.
“Mmmm, remind me to tease you more often,” she answered back immediately.
I started working myself in and out of her gradually, giving her time to adjust. As our pace increased I reached up and undid the strap at the back of her neck holding up the front of her dress and pulled it down, leaving the entire thing bundled around her waist. I grabbed her breasts and teased her nipples as I pulled her back into each thrust. When her grunts of discomfort disappeared completely I lowered one hand and began to play with her clit. Her entire body trembled at my first touch, and soon she was shuddering with each thrust of my cock and stroke of my fingers.
I leaned over her again and whispered, “stop teasing me baby, cum for me.” Then I finally let my hunger loose and drove her toward her second orgasm. It only took a few thrusts and strokes.
“Oh fuck,” she exclaimed and came in great shuddering convulsions. After the third one, I erupted within her with a hissed “yes!” We panted and gasped in unison for several seconds before either of us could speak.
“You probably… shouldn’t have… done that,” she started. “I’m not on the pill yet.” I expected for a young woman, this would be a statement of panic and worry, but her tone was, once again, teasing and challenging.
At that point, I didn’t care, but I still chastised her playfully. “You don’t think that’s something you should have mentioned before now?” And then I kissed her as she turned and I tried to make it everything hers was not; slow, passionate, layered with desire, need, and hint of love. I was rewarded with her being briefly speechless and breathless when I at last broke away.
“Maybe I didn’t want to, maybe I didn’t care,” she finally replied as she let her dress fall to the floor. She picked it up and put it on the sink counter and kicked off her shoes. Then she looked straight into my eyes, and it felt like she was looking straight into all of me, and she said, “maybe I wanted it.”
“Oh, you shouldn’t have said that,” I growled as I felt my cock surge back to full hardness. I picked her up by that wonderful ass, put her back up against the wall and entered her again as I kissed her. There was nothing loving or teasing this time, it was simply raw, lustful, animal need. As I approached orgasm, she turned my own words against me.
“Yes, that’s it baby. Stop teasing me. Cum for *me*!” And I did, growling into her ear the whole time.
When we had finally settled down, we started to get dressed.
“Can I have my underwear back,” she asked.
“No,” I said simply. “I’m keeping them to make sure I see you again.”
She smiled at that, but offered no retort. “I can’t believe we just did that,” she said as she settled her dress back into place.
“Well, maybe you shouldn’t dress like that if you don’t want dirty old men molesting you in restaurant bathrooms.”
“Are you kidding? Tomorrow I’m going shopping for the sexiest and sluttiest outfits I can find. I plan to have you molest me as often as possible.”
“Well, don’t bother with bras and panties then, since I don’t want you to wear any,” I quipped.
“Sure, but only if you promise to keep me barefoot and pregnant my dear.”
My heart raced at that pronouncement, but still I hesitated. “What about the boyfriend,” I queried.
“Oh, I better go extract him and my brother from the grocery store,” she said without answering the question. She turned to leave, but as I followed she suddenly turned and kissed me. “I’ll try to break it to him gently,” she said with a smirk once I let her break away from me.

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