Memories , Poem

As I lie awake in my lonely bed,
Thoughts of you still fill my head,
Wondering where you could have went,
The pillowcase still has your delicate scent,
Like the memories that linger on,
Long after you have up and gone.

As I wander through my lonely room,
I still smell the scent of your perfume,
The memories over take my mind,
Of a girl so loving and kind,
I think about the good times that we had,
And wonder how it ever went so bad.

I hope the memories will never fade,
Of the passionate love we made,
Of the times I held you so tight,
Of the feelings that felt so right,
Of the passionate heat that began to rise,
Like the fires that burned, in your eyes.

I hope the memories will always last,
Memories of a happier past,
I hope the memories will never end,
Memories of a special friend,
I pray the memories never grow cold,
And burn like the fires of times of old.

But the memories I will hold dear,
Like I used to hold you near,
Though I am here and you are not,
And now your memories are all I got,
Wherever you go and wherever you’ll be,
Your memories will always stay with me.

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