Lil’ Red

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, lived a fair maiden. She lived in a cabin by the stream through the woods with her Grandmother. To help around the cabin, she would take weekly shopping trips into town, and sell her grandmothers knitted goods. She had dark hair and eyes, and was taller than all the women, and most of the men in town, which made her a bit of an outcast. She was also fond of her red riding cape, so most the towns’ people just called her Lil’ Red.

Over the last few weeks, she had a sense she was being followed to and from town on her weekly trips, but every time she’d look, she could never find anything or anyone. Even when she’d enter the woods in a different location, or take a longer path, she felt she was being watched. Last week, while in town, she heard murmurs from the town drunks, of a wolf man prowling the woods. They said he was tall, broad shouldered and had course hair all over his body, with a massive snout. One even went on to describe the sheep carcass found tore apart.

All this had lil’ Red thinking as she started on her homeward journey. Distracted by her thoughts, she got lost in the woods. A low growl from some bushes off the path brought her out of her thoughts as she froze where she stood. She looked around for the source of the sound, but couldn’t see anything. The more she looked around the more she realized she had no clue where she was, and that it was starting to become dark.

She shrieked and dropped her basket as a bush rustled, and something darted out of them. After realizing it was only a squirrel, she composed herself and bent over to pick up her basket. She bit her lip as she stood, realizing there was a dampness growing in her panties. As she composed herself, she heard the stream babbling nearby. She knew if she could get to it, she could follow it to her house.

Lil’ Red started working her way towards the stream, thorns grabbed at her clothes, and scratched across her bare thighs and calves. Finally, she made it to a clearing near the stream, but was shocked to find a recent campsite there. Against her better judgement, she started to look around, thinking it might be where the wolf man was. She set her basket down on a stump, and got on her hands and knees to look in the tent. As she did this, her skirt rose up exposing her damp panties.

As Lil’ Red crawled into the makeshift tent, she heard a rustling again, this time accompanied by a gruff, gravelly voice “What are you doing in my tent?” Again, she froze, but strong hands grabbed her by the hips, and forcefully pulled her out and lifted her off the ground, fear the only expression in her eyes. One arm wrapped around her waist, holding her, as the other clamped over her mouth stopping her from screaming out for help. She could feel his hair, on his arms, and face rubbing against her, his nails digging into her cheek and belly.

As the mystery person held her, he inhaled deeply, drawing her scent into his nostrils, and let out a low guttural growl in her ear. Involuntarily, she let out a whimper as she pressed her ass back tighter into him, the dampness between her legs growing more. She realized what she was doing and then began to struggle against him, until he sternly growled “STOP” in her ear.

Letting go with his hand on her belly, he held her tight against him with the one on her face. He reached out, grabbing a rope hanging from a branch on the tree. “If you scream, I will rip your throat out, do you understand?” he growled in her ear. All she could do was nod. He grabbed her wrists, pulling them back behind her, he tied them quickly with deft hands. “Thieving is a crime around here, so you’ll be my prisoner until tomorrow. It’s getting pretty dark, to start making our way into town,” he said to her, throwing the rope over a branch and securing it, so her arms are pulled upwards.

She has yet to get a look at him, as he’s stayed behind her. Even now, how she’s tied up, her head is forced downwards so she can only get a glimpse at his feet. His boots and pants are worn and tattered, and he is covered with hair based on what she felt while he held her, and the holes where she can see his legs. “A-a-are you a w-w-wolf man?” she stammers out.

A booming laugh startles her. “You country bumpkins and your fantasies,” he laughs, “No such thing as wolf men.” A flood of relief pours over Lil’ Red, along with a little bit of disappointment. “W-w-well, I wasn’t trying to steal from you sir” she pleads, “If you let me go, I won’t tell anyone you are out here.”

“Well, from where I was standing, you were going through my stuff, and you have here a basket of what looks to be stolen goods.”

“No, sir, bought and paid for, and I was just exploring. Please let me go?”

“Perhaps, if you are willing to allow me to give you the punishment, I’ll let you go. What’s the standard punishment for thieving around here? I hope it isn’t to take hand; that gets messy”

Stammering, Lil’ Red says “th-th-thirty lashes.” “Well, since I didn’t catch you actually stealing, just going through my things, how about just 15, and I don’t have a lash, just this old crop, I’ll have to use that. Is that acceptable punishment?” he asked her.

All she could do was nod her head. She heard him rustling around in the tent and then a loud snap, as he brought the crop down into his hand. Then a rag was shoved into her mouth, “can’t have you screaming and bringing someone over this way” he said, as he stood, unbuttoning his shirt. All she could see was abs, and below, but at least his abs weren’t super hairy like the rest of what she could see of him. That thought shot through her mind, confusing her.

He strolled around behind her, taking her skirt, he hiked it up over her bottom, and pulled her panties down. “Don’t worry,” he said, “I just don’t want to rip up your clothes, and I can’t afford to buy you new ones if I ruin these.” The panties lay pooled around her ankles, her skirt laying over her back, and she whimpers into the rag.

SMACK the first crack of the crop across her ass comes as a shock to her. She thought he might actually take it easy on her since he was being so nice. She tries to scream, but it is just a muffled nothingness. A red mark in the shape of the crop glows bright red against her pale cheek. “One,” is all he says.

After the initial shock, she can feel a wetness forming on her lower lips again. SMACK the second swat jolts her again. This time she does better at stifling her scream as a twin red mark shines on her opposite cheek this time. Unconsciously, she begins rubbing her thighs together, trying to get some sort of sensation between her legs as her natural lubricants, begin seeping down them. “Two,” is all she hears.

He continues, alternating sides he is hitting with the crop, each time only saying the number. Around smack number 10, she is no longer screaming out with each hit, but it almost sounds like she is moaning, with what he can only imagine is pleasure. The bulge in his pants, straining them, is making this task uncomfortable so he pauses to adjust, which is when he notices the glistening on her thighs.

He takes the crop and uses his knees to nudge her thighs apart. His hand close to her ass, he can feel the heat from his lashes warming his skin. She opens her legs to him with no fight and SMACK number 11 slaps against Lil’ Red’s right thigh, followed quickly by a smack to her left thigh. “11 and 12” he states with no emotion. The wetness on her legs makes for a louder smack.

Quickly he does two more strikes, one more against each of her thighs “13 and 14”. He pauses, and walks around her slowly. Sweat is matting her hair to head and face, and she is breathing heavily. She is straining against her bindings, pulling her blouse tight against her chest. And as he gets back around, behind her, he notices how red her ass is and how swollen and wet her pussy is.

He pulls his hand back, and SMACK he throws his arm forward and up, the crop being expertly guided up between her legs to land against her lips. Her body spasms as her juices flow out of her as an orgasm racks her body. When it is done, her legs go limp and she is just hanging there by her wrists.

He pulls the rag from her mouth, and cuts the rope, catching her before she crashes to the ground. He carries her to a stump near the stream where he sits down, laying her across his lap. He reaches the rag down into the cool stream and gently rubs it across the marks on her ass, easing some of the pain and redness.

As she regains use of her legs, he helps her stand. In a daze she kind of looks around and kind of focuses on her white panties laying beneath the tree where they fell when he picked her up. She turns her head towards him and then leaps onto him, kissing him passionately. Shocked by this suddenness, he falls backwards off the log, landing in the stream with Lil’ Red on top of him.

The cold water shocking to them, both as it flows over them, soaking his pants, her shirt and skirt. He rolls her over, still in the water, and pushes himself up on his hands. Looking down on her, all he can do is whisper “you’re beautiful” and then leans back down to kiss her. As she looks up at him, his long hair cascading down around his face, his beard full and messy, she darts her tongue into his mouth as he kisses her.

He stands, grabbing her hands, he pulls her from the water. As they stand there, both dripping wet, he looks her up and down. Her thin white blouse clinging to her breasts, her nipples hard from the cold water poking out. Her skirt clinging to her curves. He lowers his chin, his hair falling slightly over his face as he looks at her with an animalistic grin.

He grabs her, ripping open her shirt, as she inhales sharply. Just as quickly the skirt is around her ankles. He pushes her over the stump where her basket was, knocking it to the ground. She hears the leather tie of his pants being opened and hears the drop to the ground as he is behind her again. She feels pressure against her lips before he is quickly fully inside of her.

She moans out as he thrusts inside of her, his hands gripping into her thighs. Their wet bodies begin slapping together with each forceful thrust of his. Her tits swinging in the wind in rhythm to his thrusts. All she can do is grip onto the stump as best she can as he drives his cock into her from behind. Her moans becoming louder as the sun sets over the trees. His hips crash into her ass, causing her red marks to pulse with a pleasurable pain.

Suddenly, she begins moaning more, her body quivers again, and her pussy quakes around his cock buried inside of her as another orgasm courses through her. Unable to stand it any longer, he grips her hips more forcefully and with one final thrust, he explodes inside of her. Together, the collapse on the ground, and she snuggles up against him. They lay there together, both panting.

Finally, she stands, pulling him, she leads them to the tent. They lay there together, wrapped in his bearskin blanket, enjoying each other’s bodies until they drift off to sleep from exhaustion. When she awoke in the morning, he was gone, but her clothes were hung on a branch, to dry in the morning sun. She waited until they were dry and she put them on. She wanted to wait for him, but figured her grandmother must be worried, so in a daze, she followed the stream home.

As she came into her cabins clearing, her hair disheveled, her clothes wrinkled and a damaged basket, her grandmother chuckled, wrapped her arm around her and said “Let me tell you about my first time with the woodsman tribe,” as she led her in the house.

Lil’ Red went back to the clearing later that day, to its being cleared out. The only sign that anyone had been there was a little burnt patch of ground from his camp fire. Lil’ Red still goes back from time to time, hoping to catch her wolf man again, but as of yet, she hasn’t been so lucky.

The End?

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