How it all began

I am a 23 year old white male finally ready to get some stuff off my chest…I consider myself straight except, there are a few exceptions. But its so complicated….I have four younger brothers and my oldest brothers name is (bryan)….This is a true story of how our secret began..I was 13 years old at the time and bryan was 11. Since I can remember ive always been aroused by playing with my dick while I could see either other people but they didn’t know I was doing it. For example, on this day me and my brother were sittin on the living room couch watchin tv together…it was winter and cold, so we both had our own blankets covering us up. For whatever reason I got one of those random boners guys get sometimes and so of course I put my hand in my pants…I started working my cock slowly. bending it a little rubbin it a little, all under concealment of my blanket….Being a 13 year old boy its needless to say my hormones were raging as u would expect…Feeling especially horny on this particular day I decided to try something just to see what would happen, I guess it was just instinct…I started gradually workin my cock a bit more. I wanted him to see what I was doin for some reason. The thought excited me. After a few minutes I finally caught his eye I know I know I did. But he tried actin like he didn’t see. I kept going and every few minutes he would glance out of the corner of his eye at me but he never turned his head or gave any other acknowledgement to what I was doing. After ten minutes went by or so, he finally did something. he slid his hand into his pants. I could not believe it! he started playin with himself softly but he still didn’t turn his head though. a few moments of this drove me crazy and I couldnt take it anymore. I decided to make a move. I asked him, “hey, how big is your thing?” he got a sheepish look on his face and mumbled to me while breaking eye contact “not that big” I asked him if I could see it and without a response he pulled his blanket off… His dick was about 3.5-4 inches or so and fairly skinny..i didn’t really say anything, I just sorta looked at it…Then he asked me “what about yours?” So, I pulled my blanket off too. His eyes widened and he said to me “wow that’s really big” My dick hasn’t grown much either since then, it was the same thick, 6.5 incher I have today. I told him thanks. We sat there next to each other silence for about 5 mintues, rubbing our dicks…At this point I was so horny and I had so many thought going thru my head i was sure what to do. But i knew i had to do somethin. I still had never had another person touch my dick before and though i wasn’t (and still am not) attracted to guys i couldn’t shake the total animal desire in my head. I NEEDED, my little brother to put his hand on my dick…So i did it for him. without a word, i reached over grabbed his left hand off his dick, and set it on to mine. i knew it was wrong but that’s what made it so desirable. I had no idea how he would react but after a couple seconds i took my hand off his and he didn’t let go to my pleasant surprise. He just held it firmly in his small, cold little hand for few seconds then started to slowly pump shaft. i closed my eyes and rested the back of my head on the couch while i felt another person touch me for the first went on for close to an hour. Every once ina while id reach down and adjust his hand to make it feel it better for me. He was cleary eager to follow my instructions. I managed to gasp out a few directions in my bliss and he did extactly what i told him to. When i moved his hand to a different angle, or adjusted his grip/finger placement, he was sure to keep his hand how i left it. and he never let go, he never stopped. i wanted more. id seen porn before and knew what a blowjob was and i wanted one. right then. i finally worked up the courage and asked him if i could put it in his mouth like the movies. He didn’t say no or yes or anything at all he just sorta sat there thinkin about it….it took me a little while but i was able to convince him…i tried whatever i could, i basically begged him. I asked please would he just try it so i could finally know what it felt like and if he didn’t like doin it i wouldn’t ask him again. Finally he agreed and it felt like time went in slow motion as i watched my 11 year old brother began to part his lips while he lowered his head. The instant i felt his wet warm tongue swirl around my dick i was in heaven. i must say he was damn good from the start. ive had my dick sucked by around 15 girls since that day and none of them gave as good of head as bryan can. I had to tell him to do a few little things differently but within 30 minutes he had his technique down. He still sucks me that exact same way to this day. To this day he’s the only one who can make me cum from a BJ….after hours of this we finally got tired and decided to stop and put our pants back on. It was obvious from his enthusiasm throughout the process that he liked sucking my dick. He wanted to do it. I asked if he would do it again and he said yes and then i asked if we could start doing it all the time and he said yes…and that’s how this all began

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