Car Trouble

Tammy was asleep in the passenger seat as Neal drove. They had spent the weekend at the beach
with friends partying. Tammy had driven the first hour while Neal slept and now it was her
turn to catch some sleep as he drove.

The road was a two lane state highway. They had left the beach resort at noon and had been
driving for about an hour and a half. They had passed through several small towns and Neal could see the buildings of another ahead. As he rounded a curve the car sputtered, then jerked and finally died. Neal pulled onto the shoulder and coasted to a stop. He turned the key, but all he got was a faint chattering sound.

“What’s happened?” Tammy sleepily asked as she sat up.

“The car quit.” Neal responded, trying again to get it started.

“What’s wrong with it?” Tammy said, concern creeping into her voice.

“I don’t know it just won’t run!” Neal snapped.

He tried once more to start it, then angrily smacked the steering wheel with his hand as he
yelled,”Damn it!”

Tammy was now wide awake,”What should we do?”

Neal pulled out his cell phone and scowled when he saw he didn’t have any service.

“I guess I’ll walk into that town and see if I can find someone to help.” He said,”While I’m
gone, keep the doors locked. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

“Oh no you don’t!” Tammy replied,”I’m going with you.”

They both got out, locked the doors and headed down the road. A half hour later they found a
small gas station.

They went in and Neal said to the attendant,”Our car quit a few miles out of town. Can you
fix it?”

The attendant was a young man around 20.

He smiled and said,”Sure. We are a repair shop as well as a gas station. Let me call Lou.”

He picked up the phone, dialed a number and had a brief conversation.

When he put the phone down he said,”Lou will go tow it in and take a look at it for you. If you’d
like there’s a waiting room right back there.”

“Thanks.” Neal said as he and Tammy headed through the door.

The waiting room was small but clean and it had a soda machine, a coffee pot and a small
popcorn machine with a few bags full of popcorn. Tammy and Neal flopped down on a couple of
old over stuffed chairs. They were both fast asleep within a few minutes.

Neal woke to the sound of a deep voice saying,”I’ve got your car here and it can be fixed.”

Neal rubbed his eyes and looked up to find a rugged looking, broad shouldered man in his forties
standing in the doorway. Neal noticed that his hands were large and strong looking, but they were
clean and unstained which surprised him because most guys in the automotive repair trade had
callused, stained hands from the type of work they did..

“I’m Lou.” The man said,”Your alternator quit and it killed the battery. You’re going to need a
new alternator and a new battery.”

From behind Lou the young attendant said,”Lou, I’ve got to go. Sonya is waiting for me.”

“Yea, go ahead. I’ll take care of the lockup when I get these folks up and running.”

“So it can be fixed?” Neal asked.

“Yes. I have the parts already. The auto parts store had the alternator and I have a battery that will
fit .” Lou replied.

“Good. How long will it take?” Neal asked.

“An hour tops.” Lou replied.

“Cool!” Neal said happily

“Ok, I’ll get it done.” Lou replied as he turned to head into the service bay.

Lou nodded and walked out the door. Neal looked over at Tammy who was still sleeping and his
thoughts drifted back to the last few weeks. Tammy wasn’t his girlfriend, or at least she wouldn’t
say she was. He had met her at college and they had been constant companions and fuck buddies
for the last three weeks.

Tammy was a tiny blonde who was sexy as hell. He had spotted her at the library and sat down to
study at the same table hoping to get her to talk to him. He did and boy did she talk. When he
said hello it wasn’t long and she were talking up a storm. Two hours later Neal was ready to go
back to his room. He told Tammy he had to go and get some sleep. She had smiled and asked if
he wanted company.

“You want to come with me?” He had asked.

“Sure.” She had shot back,”But I hope sleep isn’t the only thing we will be doing.”

Neal was a bit shocked, but not enough to stop him from getting an instant hard on. His
roommate was gone for a few days so Neal invited her back to his room. When they got there
Neal asked if she would like to turn out the lights.

Tammy’s response was,”Why? Are you shy?”

Again Neal was delighted with her casual attitude about sex. It took them no more then 5 minutes
and they were fucking like rabbits. Tammy seemed to be a bit stiff and uncertain of what to do,
but very enthusiastic. They fucked for over an hour that first time.

Finally Neal had to stop. His cock was getting sore from all the sex. Tammy left a few minutes
later. She gave Neal her room and cell number and a promise that she would do it again. In fact
she returned the next night and the next and the next. Neal was one happy sexually satisfied
young man.

After a few days they began to talk afterward and Neal discovered that Tammy had never done
anything like what she was doing with him. She was the daughter of a preacher and her parents
had been very strict. They hadn’t even let her date in high school. When she left Tammy said that
she vowed to do everything she wanted to in college.

Neal asked why she had picked him. Her reply was that he had been the lucky guy to sit down
first. She had decided the first guy to sit down with her that night was going to be the one she
would have sex with. She also told Neal she wanted to try everything. When he had asked what
she meant, she grinned and told him she meant everything!

During that three weeks they went from straight up missionary sex, to using every position
Neal knew. They also tried anal and Tammy sucked Neal off frequently. In fact she did it in
a movie theater, then had him fuck her in the bathroom during a second movie.

Twice they had sex with Neal’s roommate present. The first time Neal hung a blanket for a
curtain. They talked about it the next day and Tammy told him it excited her to think someone
was hearing them. She asked if maybe his roommate would like to watch them. Neal asked his
roommate who said he wouldn’t mind.

The second time they fucked with Neal’s roommate watching. From the start Tammy was more
excited and seemed to love someone watching. She made sure he could see everything. She loved
playing to him and when she climaxed the first time (one of three that evening) she almost passed
out. Afterward Tammy told Neal she wanted to do it that way again very soon.

Three weeks after they had met Neal told her he was going to the beach that weekend and she
got excited and asked if she could go with him. Neal told her he had a small room reserved but it
only had one bed. He told her she could go if she didn’t mind sleeping with him. Tammy grinned
and like the first time, said that she hoped sleep wasn’t all they were going to do.

They skipped classes on Friday and drove to the beach. They arrived in the early evening. After
checking in to the room they made their way to the beach and found a party. They stayed on the
beach until 2:00 AM, then made their way drunkenly back to the room. When they got there Neal
was a delighted as Tammy quickly stripped off all her clothes and climbed into bed.

“Time for me to pay up.” She said with a drunken grin.

Neal pulled off his clothes and climbed in next to her. Tammy didn’t let him get settled, she
grabbed his cock and swallowed it to his balls. She sucked him until he came, swallowing
every drop. She then straddled him, slid his cock into her pussy and rode him for the next half
hour. Neal came a second time, just after Tammy did. She climbed off and they fell asleep. The
next morning Neal woke to find Tammy staring at him.

“Care for some morning pussy?” She asked with a grin.

Neal fucked her that morning, again that night and once more before they headed home the next
day. As he sat staring at her as she slept he couldn’t believe his luck. He was hoping she would
want to keep fucking him for a long time to come.

Neal fell asleep and again was awakened by Lou’s deep voice saying,”OK, you’re all ready to go.
The bill comes to $375.00.”

Neal was shocked. He didn’t think it was going to be so expensive. He knew he didn’t have that
much. In fact all he had was enough for gas to get back to the school.

He shook Tammy and when she sat up and rubbed her eyes he said,”The repairs to the car coast
$375.00! I don’t have the money. Do you have any?”

Tammy rubbed her eyes as she sat up, then replied,”I don’t have that kind of money either.”

Lou was leaning against the door frame listening.

Neal turned to him and said,”We…aw…we don’t have that kind of money on us. Can we send it
to you later?”

Lou looked solemn as he said,”I’m sorry but my policy is cash payment. I’ve given three college
kids that I did repairs for deals like that. They were going to send it to me, or bring it back to me
personally. All three skipped out on the bill. So I’m really sorry but I won’t do it again.”

“Ok, let me see if I can find someone to loan me the money.” Neal told Lou.

Lou nodded and said,”I hope you understand, but I just can’t take a chance on you skipping out
without paying me. Take your time. I’m going to lockup then I’ll be in the office.”

Neal pulled out his cell phone and checked the service level. To his relief he had 1 and ½ bars.
He called his friend Jeremy but got no response. He then called his brother, who told him he was

Neal turned to Tammy and asked,”Is there someone you can call for the money?”

“I could call my parents, but they would freak when they found out why I’m here and where I
was for the weekend.”

Neal looked dejected as he said,”So what are we going to do?”

“Do you have anything in the car worth that much we can give him for the money?” Tammy

“I’ve got the spare tire and a pair of chains, that’s it.” Neal replied dejectedly.

Tammy’s sat with her brow furrowed thinking.

Suddenly the corners of her mouth curved up in small smile as she said,”Neal, I think I have it.
You do have something in the car he might want in place of the money.”

“What? Do you have something in your bag?”Neal asked.

“No. You have me. Remember I told you I wanted to try everything? Well I wouldn’t
mind trading sex for the repairs.” Tammy said softly.

“I’d never ask you to do that!” Neal replied anger edging his voice.

“I know you wouldn’t. And you didn’t. I was the one who suggested it. Lou is ruggedly
handsome and I wouldn’t mind having sex with him. Besides, having sex with a stranger, sex for
pay if you consider I’m doing it to pay for the repairs, is something I haven’t done. I’m actually
getting excited thinking about it.” Tammy said as she squirmed in the chair.

“Well, aw, ok I guess if you want to do it.” Neal said hesitantly.

They fell silent for a few moments. As he thought about it Neal began to visualize Tammy with
Lou between her legs. As those thoughts filled his mind his cock began to get hard at the
mental image. The more he thought about it the harder his cock grew. It concerned him a bit
that he was getting excited about watching Tammy fuck someone else, but he convinced himself
it was only to get his car back and not because he liked the thought.

“Ok, but how are we going to do this? Just go ask him if he’d like to fuck you for the repairs?”.

Tammy looked thoughtful then replied,”I tell you what, I have a sexy outfit in my bag that I
didn’t wear this weekend. Why don’t I put it on and then we can go talk to Lou?”

“Ok. You go change and then we can go talk to him.” Neal replied.

As Tammy stood Neal said,”Aw, Tammy? Would you mind….you wouldn’t think I was…if I wanted to watch?”

Tammy stopped and stared at Neal for a long moment, then a smile filled her face as she
said,”You want to watch as Lou fuck’s me? I’d love it!”

Tammy went to the car, opened her bag and pulled out the clothes. She looked around
wondering where she was going to change and noticed that the work bay didn’t have any
windows. A moment later the realization hit her that she was about to let a stranger see her
naked, let him touch every part of her, let him stick his cock inside her.

That thought made a chill run down her spine, but it also set off a warm glow in her nethers. It
hit her that the only three people here were Neal, her and Lou. Neal had seen her naked many times, and Lou would shortly so if either one saw her naked it wouldn’t matter. She stood for a moment, then with a smile pulled off her clothes and pulled on the new outfit.

When she walked back into the waiting room Neal stared at her appraisingly. She had on a denim
skirt that hit her at mid thigh showing off her shapely legs. She also had on a very tight t-shirt
with no bra under it. Neal could see the nipples of her “B” cup breasts through the thin material.

“What do you think?” She asked.

“If he doesn’t take you up on the offer, he’s either gay or stupid!” Neal replied rubbing the lump
of his hard cock .

Tammy noticed what he was doing, walked over, pulled his hand away and cupped the lump of
his cock as she said,”Pay attention and I’ll suck you off after, unless you want sloppy seconds.”

The thought of sliding into Tammy’s pre fucked pussy made Neal’s cock twitch.

He responded,”Both.”

“Then let’s do it.” she said with a huge smile.

Tammy took a deep breath to quell the butterfly’s in her stomach, then stepped through the door
of the office. Lou was sitting behind a large metal desk. He had taken off his coat; he wore a
long sleeved t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up. Tammy stared at him. His arms were large and
powerful looking. His hands were wide but clean, the palms looked like worn leather, his fingers
were long and thick. She could see muscles ripple under the skin of his forearms as he moved.

Lou looked up as they entered. His eyes locked on Tammy and he stared at her, his eyes moving
up and down her small frame. Tammy felt like he was stripping her clothes off with his eyes. The
feeling made her cheeks warm and sent a flash of heat straight to her pussy.

After a moment Lou’s throat bobbed as he swallowed and he said,”Aw…did you…..find a way to
pay for the repairs?”

“It…aw…depends.” Tammy replied nervously as she walked around the desk and stood next to
Lou’s chair,”We couldn’t find the money to pay you but thought you might like a trade.”

Tammy stood a foot from his chair and Lou’s eyes were on a level with her breasts. Her nipples
had grown hard at the thought of what she was doing. He could see the outline of her nips
through the thin material of the t-shirt.

Lou licked his lips and without taking his eyes off her firm breasts asked,”What….do you have to

“Well,” Tammy said, nervousness making her voice shake,”The only thing we have to trade

Lou’s eyes jerked up and locked on her’s as he said,”You?”

Tammy could feel the knot in her stomach as she managed to keep her voice from quavering as
she said,”Uh, hu. Me.”

Lou nervously licked his lips again, then his eyes dropped to her legs and scanned slowly up her
body. As his slid up her body, Tammy could feel almost feel it and it made her pussy grow wet.

Lou’s eyes stopped with his gaze again locked on her’s and said,”You mean…aw….you want…me to take you as the payment for the repairs?”

Tammy nodded then managed to say,”Yes.”I’ll do anything you ask me to do. Anything.”

Lou glanced over at Neal standing in the door and said,”What about your boyfriend?”

“He’s not really my boyfriend.” Tammy replied, then before she could think about it she
added,”He’s my fuck buddy. He would like to watch though, to make sure I’m safe.”

Lou stared at her nipples for a long moment, then said as he reached out,”Deal.”

He cupped her ass and pulled her towards his chair. As he pulled her close the butterflies dancing
in Tammy’s stomach went into quick time.

Lou looked up and locked his eyes on her’s as he said,”Take your shirt off.”

Tammy’s fingers trembled slightly as she reached down, hooked her fingers into the bottom hem
of her shirt and pulled it up and off. Before she had it off her head she felt Lou’s hand cup her
breast. Her knees went weak as she felt his leathery palm against her soft skin, then a moment
later she groaned as she felt his fingers close on her nipple. She stood with the shirt halfway off,
pulled up over her face, as he fondled her breast.

A moment later she let out a long moan as she felt his mouth close over the other nipple. She
stood still moaning lightly as he sucked one nipple and fondled the other. Finally she felt his
mouth pull away and an instant later the coolness of the air made her areola crinkle.

“Take the shirt the rest of the way off.”She heard him say as she felt him unsnap and unzip her
skirt. She pulled the shirt off her head and dropped it on the desk just as she felt her skirt drop to
her ankles. She had on a tiny, delicate lace thong which covered nothing but her bald, smooth

Lou used his left arm to clear the papers from his desk, sweeping them to the floor. He then
picked her up with one arm and placed her on the desk. He gently guided her until she was laying
on her back with her legs dangling off the edge of the desk. He slid his chair forward, pulled her
left leg up over his right shoulder, then picked up her right foot and put it on his left knee.

“So let’s see what treasures we have here.” He said as he slipped his fingers under her thong.

As Tammy felt his finger slide between her slippery pussy lips she groaned and tipped her hips
up toward his questing finger. A moment later she gasped as she felt his finger tip slide across
her clit.

“Oh that’s nice.” Lou said as he slowly moved his finger up and down her smooth slit.

Tammy moaned and her hips quivered at his touch. She felt him withdraw his finger and groaned
in protest.

Lou chuckled and said,”Don’t worry, we’ll get back to that. I just want to get that sweet little box
of your’s uncovered.”

She felt his hand on her stomach and looked down just in time to see him take hold of her thong
above her right hip and with one sharp pull snapped it. He moved to the other side and repeated
the process, snapping the strap like it was a single thread. He pulled her thong from under her
ass, grinned and pressed it to his face, taking a long breath as he did.

“Oh fuck your pussy smells so damned good.” He grunted.

For some reason she didn’t understand, his actions and words caused Tammy’s pussy to grow
even wetter.

Lou pulled her thong from his face and dropped them into a desk drawer saying,”I will keep
those if you don’t mind.”

Lou turned back to her, took hold of both her hands and pulled them to her pussy as he
said,”Now, I need some help here. Finger that sweet looking pussy for me.”

Tammy moaned and began to rub her clit. A moment later she moaned louder as she felt Lou’s
fingers slide into her wet entrance. Tammy rubbed her clit faster and faster as she felt her first
climax building. It took all of two or three minutes before she let out a long cry as her hips rose
and her pussy pulsed with her orgasm.

Tammy had never had such an intense climax before. As it slowly ebbed she felt Lou wrap his
arm around her leg, over her stomach and put his hand on her mound just above her pussy.. A
second later she felt him pull her towards him until her ass was against his chest, holding her hips
in a tight embrace.

She wondered what he was going to do. A second more and she got her answer as she felt him
cup her ass with his hand and side his thumb into her pussy. At the same time she felt him put his
fingertip against her rectum and begin to rub her puckered little rosebud as he thumb fuck her
wet pussy.

It felt fantastic and Tammy didn’t think it could get any better until Lou used his thumb and
forefinger to spread her pussy lips apart, then leaned down and put his mouth on her clit.
After the climax she just had Tammy didn’t think she could have another for awhile. That
thought vanished when she felt him suck on her clit, lashing it with his tongue as his thumb slid
in and out of her pussy and his fingertip rubbing her rectum, began to push through her tight little

Lou cupped her mound tight, his fingers holding her pussy lips apart so he could suck and lick
her hard clit, his thumb fucking her pussy and his index finger pushed into her tight rectum to the
second knuckle. Seconds later she cried out as a second climax coursed through her body. A few
minutes later another followed, then another and another until Tammy felt like he was holding
her in a continual ongoing orgasm.

She lay on the desk, her body twitching, cries of pleasure spilling for her mouth as Lou fingered
her pussy and ass, all the while sucking at her hard nub. Tammy had no idea how long Lou held
her there, cumming and cumming and cumming. Neal told her later it was a good ten minutes, to
Tammy it felt like eternity. Finally she couldn’t take any more.

“No….more! more!” She gasped.

She felt Lou’s mouth pull away, then felt his fingers slide out of her pussy and ass. Tammy felt
empty and moaned in protest, satisfaction and relief. She lay still, her eyes closed, allowing the
last tendrils of her orgasms to trickle through her body.

As she lay there she felt Lou stand, then felt him spread her legs farther apart. She opened her
eyes and looked down to see Lou holding his cock poised to enter her. Some detached part of her
took note of his hard rod. It was average in length, 6″ or 7″, but looked to be at least 2 ½” in

Lou put the tip against her slit and rubbed it up and down to get it lubed. Each time the head slid
across her clit an electric shock shot through Tammy. Lou finally stopped and placed it against
her hole, grabbed her thighs and with one hard shove of his hips entered her.

Tammy groaned and closed her eyes as the feeling of being filled coursed through her being. Lou
reached down and grabbed both her ass cheeks, then stood with her still impaled on his hard rod
as he pulled her against his chest.

He held her and said,”Put your arms around my neck.”

Tammy opened her eyes and wrapped her arms around his neck, locking her fingers together
behind his neck.

“Now,” he grunted,” look right here into my eyes.”

Tammy locked eyes with him as he began to fuck her. As she stared into his eyes as he
hammered into her, she was surprised at the sensation. It felt like each time he slid up into her
they were melting together.

Tammy didn’t realize how close to another climax she was until it exploded inside her. This one
was huge. Tammy pulled herself against his chest, clutching tight to him as it filled her, causing
her to let out a long quavering scream. Moments later she heard Lou grunt then felt the
unmistakable sensation of his cock throbbing, blasting cum into her depths. Tammy held onto his
neck panting as her last orgasm ebbed. She felt Lou pull out of her, then he gently set her on her

He pulled up his trousers, grinned and said,”Any time you have car trouble call me. With that
kind of payment I’ll be happy to help.”

Tammy picked up her clothes and slowly pulled them on. She glanced over at Neal and found
him standing in the doorway. She could see a bulge in his jeans. Lou handed Neal the keys and
opened the garage door so they could drive out.

As they pulled out Lou yelled,”Like I said, anytime!”

As they drove out of town Neal said,”Did you mean it? About me getting sloppy seconds?”

Tammy smiled and replied,”Would you like to?”

“I think so.” Neal said.

“Find a place and pull over.” Tammy replied.

Neal spotted an over grown side road and pulled into it until they were out of sight of the
highway. He turned off the car and had his jeans open and his hard cock out in a flash. Tammy
grinned, slid over and straddled his lap. She felt Neal reach between them then felt his rock hard
cock slide up into her.

“Oh fuck that feels so good!” He groaned.

“You like the idea of fucking me after someone else don’t you?”

“Yes, oh fuck yes! I’m gunna’ cum!”

Tammy felt his cock explode and couldn’t believe it had taken him no more then half a dozen
strokes. As his cock throbbed to stillness Tammy could feel the faint electric tendrils of a
building climax.

She began to move her hips back and forth as she leaned down and whispered to Neal,”Want
another? Think about watching Lou fuck me. Did you like that? Was it erotic watching him
finger me, eat me, fuck me?”

“Christ yes!” Neal replied as he grabbed her hips and began to fuck her.

“And think about who else you’d like to see me fuck.” Tammy said as she thought,’I’m going to
be doing a lot of it!’

The End

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