The beginning of my real life story. Please rate and tell me what you think. I write these not because it is hot for me to write them, but because I enjoy knowing people can orgasm to my stories, or at least enjoy them 


So I figured I could use as my own personal sex blog.

If I don’t start something to keep track of it I might forget some of the juicy details.Now your not going to get my name, or the guys names, however I am sure if they were ever to read it they would probally figure it out.b

I guess for something like this I will start at the beginning. Of course not all sex is interesting, so I might have to leave some of it out.

I guess I will at least give you a current discription. I am 22 now, I have shoulder length brown hair with a little red in it. I am not a tiny girl. But I would not say I am fat, and I am very proportinal.

I lost my virginity when I was 17. I was living with my parents and the boyfriend at the time needed some help and my mother actually moved him into the house.

We would stay up late in the living room watching movies with my brother and when we finally went to sleep I would go upstairs to my room and he would go to sleep on the couch.

One night we were watching movies and my brother fell asleep so my boyfriend and I went into the dinning room. We kissed for a little while and I started to give him a blow job, which I had done for him before that.

He stopped me after a while and started to kiss my breasts and even my hands. We had been telling each other that we loved one another for a while. So between kisses he would tell me that he loved me.

We started taking off each others clothes till we were both totally naked. We continued to kiss each other. Our hands explored all over each other. He slowly got his hands down to my pussy and started to rub on the outside.

I had masturbated before, so I did know what kinds of rubbing I liked. I took his hand in mine and guided him to rub my clit in small soft circles. He continued to do this while I began to rub his cock.

He was already fully erect, he was not a large man, but not small either. About 5 inches or so.

We continued to rub each other for a while. Then we would stop and talk, then we would continue to rub each other.

After about an hour or so of this I went upstairs to my room to go to bed, and he went to the couch. From then on we would stay up every night untill my brother went to sleep. Then my boyfriend and I would go into the dinning room and do about the same things we did that first time.

This continued on for about a month or so untill one night when it went farther. We had talked about having sex for a while, so it was not a surprise that it was coming.

It started off the same as it had the month before. We were touching and kissing. We slowly got completely naked but then instead of laying next to each other like we normally did he got on top of me.

First he was just stradling me with me legs closed. We kissed deeply for a long time. Then he moved to my breasts. I held his head in my hand and he kissed my breasts. With my hand I lead his head to me nipple. He began to suck.

As he continued to suck I used my hands to touch his body and kiss whatever I could reach. Again we spent a long while like this. Then he moved one of his legs so that it was between mine so that my legs would part. I allowed this but when his hand reached to my clit I jumped.

He stopped and we just talked for a some time. Then we started tickling each other and playing. Once we were both relaxed and happy again he told me that he did have condoms and that he would like our first time to be together.

I shook my head that I wanted that too. So we got back in the position that we were in with him on top of me, but this time one of his legs were between mine so that I was a little more open to him.

Again we started kissing and touching but this time it was a little more intense, both of our mouth and our hands moved faster more demanding. I was getting more and more turned on. Knowing that soon I would have something inside of me for the first time.

I always loved(and still do love) my neck being kissed, and he knew that so he would kiss parts of me then go back to my neck. Then he would kiss another part of me, then he would go back to my neck.

he kissed my forehead and asked me if I was okay. When I said that I was he got up and came back a min later with a couple condoms. He laid next to me and again we started to kiss.

I watched while he opened a condom and put it on his cock. I spread my legs and he got between them. He started to try to get inside of me. This was the first time either of us have done it, so he had a little trouble.

I used my hand to hold myself open and he held his cock in his hand to guide it in. When we got into the correct position he entered me pretty quickly. I jumped and yelped a little bit. He pulled out and asked if I was okay. I said that I was and told him to try again.

This time we got it inside of me with a lot less trouble and he did it much slower. It was still uncomfortable for a while and he continued to move very slowly.

I found the correct position to get rid of the pain and did start to enjoy the feeling. When I started to moan he started to go faster. I wrapped my legs around he back as he pushed in and out of me. Shortly after he started to cum.

He pulled out of me and took off the condom and laid next to me. He rubbed my clit till I orgasmed. Then he kissed me again and told me he loved me. Seconds later we were both asleep on my parents dinning room floor

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